• Lia Vernescu

Is this how it's going to be?

Is this how we are going to look? Darth Vader-ish? Forever snouted? A mask like a snout plonked on our faces?

Is this how we are going to be? Defaced? Muted? Supressed? Faces covered, hands gloved, 2 metres apart? Terrified that people might cross our path?

Is this how I am going to go out - only for shopping food, and always fully covid deathdance costumed, suffocating under mask and face shield, and going through the draining, absurd rituals of disinfecting before and after?

This is how we are going to talk to friends? Through a mask? Muffled and shouting at each other? What conversation is that going to be?

Will we ever go out with joy again? Elegantly dressed, lipstick on (will we ever wear lipstick outdoors? under the snout of the mask?!), breeze in our hair, sun on our skin, carefree and smiling? Or freaked out forever?

Will we ever hug our friends and our families again? Enjoy a meal, a long conversation, a good time together?

Will we ever see people smiling on the street? Will we ever see someone's smile again?

Will we ever see a theatre play, live, in a theatre again? Will we ever go to the theatre again? To a bookshop? Will we ever have a stroll in the park, or by the sea? Will the lovers romantically kiss again on a bench under a tree? Will grandparents take their grandchildren out for a stroll? Will me and my husband go out together again and WITHOUT A MASK plonked on our faces? Will we ever look and behave like humans again on the streets?

What have they done to humanity, those morbid Chinese experimenting with viruses in their laboratories? How could they do this to humanity? They killed it. They killed us. Joykillers.

(that's me in the photo, geared up not to attack anybody, but only to receive a food delivery)


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