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  • Lia Vernescu

Message to terrorist Putin

Terrorist Putin, slaughterer of lives in Ukraina, destroyer of cities, killer of babies, and children, and mothers, and grandmothers, killer of men. Killer. You are not a president. You are a terrorist. I've called you a terrorist from the 4th day of war. You do terrorism, not war. You do mass-murder, you starve cities into surrender, you decimate life and raze cities to the ground. You bomb: nuclear plants, hospitals, maternities, care homes, theatres sheltering a thousand people inside, shopping malls, schools, universities, shelters, houses, blocks of flats, towns, cities, children in buildings marked "children"and in columns of cars marked "children", mothers and children on roads trying to escape your terror, people queuing for bread, people, innocent people. This is genocide, ethnic cleansing and horrific and barbaric crimes against humanity. This is terrorism. You will have the fate of any terrorist. You are nothing. But a cold-blooded murderer and destroyer. Human life does not mean anything to you. You even named your most destructive weapon "Satan". Therefore, this is who you are: Satan incarnated.

But it's not only you. It is you and your armies. Each and every of these crimes is the hand of a Russian soldier. And, as a Mariupol survivor said: "I don't know what people could do this. We are blaming Putin, that he's doing this to Ukraine, but regular soldiers are shooting these civilians." So, it is you and your army: cowards that cannot fight the Ukrainian armies, so you decimate civilians, and raze cities to the ground, and wipe off face of the earth cities with people inside. You are cowards, terrorists, genociders. Actually, it is you and your armies and Russia. You are killing in the name of Russia. Are you not? Indeed, Putin is the Russians and the Russians are Putin. At least 60% of the Russians approve the war - i.e the slaughter, genocide and ethnic cleansing that Putin, through his armies of Russians, is doing in Ukraina, in the name of Russia. They've done this before to Eastern European countries. History repeating. The twin evils of the XX century: nazism and communism; actually, they are one. As a friend put it: nazism and communism were born in the same time. Does Russia indeed want to sit atop a mountain of slaughtered people in her name? Russia, do you want this genocide, this ethnic cleansing, this slaughter in your name? Are you a slaughter-house, Russia? That's how you want to be remembered in history? If yes, then your name and Putin's name will be remembered in history as the names of horrific slaughterers. The planet will remember you as terrorists and mass-murderers. Nobody attacked Russia. Nobody wants Russia. We all have our countries, we do not want anybody else's country. The planet does not want you. Nobody wants you. You kill because you are not wanted.

But who do you think you are to demand, to attack, to kill, to slaughter, to decimate, to bomb, to invade Ukraina, to threaten Europe and the planet, just because you happen to sit, like the beast of the apocalypse, on a throne of nuclear bombs.

Terrorist Putin, you are the coward that took advantage of the planet being weakened by the covid pandemic to wage war on a sovereign country and plunge the whole world into a deeper crisis, and inflict more pain and death, and bring more poverty worldwide. You are a terrorist and, like all terrorists, a coward.

Ukraina, the country you try to slaughter but cannot, will pin your name in history forever for what you are: a terrorist, a monster, an assassin, a beast. You will go down in history as the beast that waged war against humanity. You are not human. You are Death. But you will not win. You'll never win anything. You have lost it all. Terrorist Putin STOP. NOW.


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