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  • Lia Vernescu

Putin's "holy war" and Kirill's "jihad": two KGBeasts turned "religious".

The "Rus"= homo sovieticus' imperialist delirium and religious fundamentalism.

... Remember Pussy Riot?

If Stalin hadn't persecuted the church... . Putin is now "fixing" Stalin's "mistake". Kirill is an ex-KGBist turned "Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus", that is: head of the Orthodox Russian Church. He thinks that Putin's leadership "is a miracle from God", and the invasion of Ukraina is a "holy war" and, whilst bombs were pouring down on Ukraina on the first day of war, he spoke about the military service as "an active manifestation of evangelical love for neighbours". No more, no less: this war is an "evangelical love for neighbours" ! And he spoke about the "God-given unity of Ukraina and Russia" and "reuniting the ancient Rus’ people of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine". A sort of a rape: I force you to love me and unite with me, if not, I rape you or/and kill you. Putin and Kirill are violent psychopaths. They speak jihadist rhetoric, no difference. And they slaughter like the jihadists. In the same line, Putin must have noticed only now the obvious: the Ukrainians are fleeing West, not to Russia. So he decided, in pure stalinist soviet style, to abduct thousands of Mariupol survivors and deport them to Russia, destroying their passports so they can't flee West, and lying to the world, in the most pure stalinist soviet Russian-lying style, that those Ukrainians "wished to escape to Russia". That is: "to escape", what?, the Russians. In his sick logic: the Ukrainians flee from the Russians to Russia, it is their "wish" to escape the Russian murderers by fleeing exactly to Russia, nowhere else. Terrorist Putin, how dare you call the population of Ukraina "(neo)Nazis" and "ultra-nationalists", you and your Russians are the "Nazis" and "ultra-nationalists" slaughtering, killing, genociding, you are the Hitler of our days, and exactly like Hitler (,) you are going to end. You are the "ultra-nationalist" waging war in the name of Russia and killing the Ukrainians that do not want Russia and do not want to be "made" Russians. Nobody attacked Russia, nobody wants Russia. Nobody wants Russia. The planet does not want you. You have lost your face in the face of the planet. Your sickening lies are so obvious and pathetic, you've become the planet's rambling psychopath, everybody sees through your ridiculous lies. And through your smokescreens and gaslightings: corridors for the refugees - you say yes, but you keep bombarding them, and, if they're not killed by Russian bombs, you cut supplies and let them die slowly; corridors for refugees - you say yes, but only towards Russia - you cynically spit on the victims, but history is already spitting you out; Putin, Satan encarned, you are not human, you are Death; negotiations - you say yes, but you do not negotiate, you fake and mock negotiations; the most pathetic one: you say you waged war on Ukraina to bring "the peace". Which peace? Death's peace? What are you going to do to them, those abducted and deported Ukrainians? Force them to love Russia, the invading country that slaughters them and destroys their hometown? Russify them? Kill them?

Terrorist Putin, violent psychopath and rapist of minds and sovereign countries, you are an insult to humanity.

Oh, and they've got their own singer of the party, a soviet staffer, Gazmanov. On Putin's 18 march rally to mark the anniversary of Crimea annexation (disgusting cynicism), this Gazmanov sang the following:

"Ukraina and Crimea, Belarus and Moldova are my country". Idiot, Russia is your country and fullstop. Obviously, the next to be invaded by Putin is Moldova, that is Basarabia, by its original name. The West will allow that too, just as they've done with Ukraina.


Remember Pussy Riot: "Punk's Prayer: Mother of God, drive Putin away!"

I wish I could sing it myself, now.

2012 - year of massive protests in Russia against Putin and his "re-election"

"Mother of God, drive Putin away!

Drive Putin away, drive Putin away!

Black frock, golden epaulettes

Parishioners crawl bowing

Freedom's ghost [has gone to] heaven

A gay-pride parade [has been] sent to Siberia in shackles

Their chief saint is the head of the KGB

He leads a convoy of protestors to jail.

So as not to insult the Holiest One,

Woman should bear children and love.

Shit, shit, holy shit! Shit, shit, holy shit!

["holy shit" is their evaluation of the situation in Russia; I agree, given the context Putin+Kirill = a "patriarch" + a terrorist. Holy shit indeed! I wonder what God thinks of Kirill.]

Mother of God, become a feminist!

Become a feminist, become a feminist!

The Church praises rotten leaders

The march of the cross consists of black limousines

A preacher is on his way to your school

Go to class and give him money!

Patriarch Gundyay [Kirill's real name] believes in Putin [more than in God]

Would be better, the bastard, if he believed in God!

The Virgin's belt won't replace political gatherings

The eternal Virgin Mary is with us in our protests!

Mother of God, drive Putin away!

Drive Putin away, drive Putin away!"

Relevant: very few perceived this song as a protest against Putin (which it is); most of the Russians perceived it as an attack on the Russian Orthodox Church.

The meaning and the context of the lyrics are partly explained here. I add the following detail: in February 2017, Putin signed into law a measure decriminalising domestic violence, supported by the Russian Orthodox Church: a man can beat his wife and children and be not prosecuted in cases where there is not a lot of physical harm ("broken bones or a concussion" - what... precision!), unless the wife is hospitalised, in which case the man pays a fine (and the woman returns home). Or: "beatings of spouses or children that result in bruising or bleeding but not broken bones are punishable by 15 days in prison or a fine".

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