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  • Lia Vernescu

The twin evils: nazism and communism, reunited again in one person: Putin. The two Z of one swastika

The twin evils of the XX century: nazism and communism. Actually, as we can see today, they are one. Born in the same time, split later, reunited again today in one person: Putin. Even Z, the letter Putin chose as the mark of the beast he is, is a proof of this, Z is one of the two arms of a swastika, one of the twins. Swastika: nazism + communism / Hitler + Putin.

How did the world get here?

The world is where it is now as a direct result of the worldwide leadership. "The people of the old power", The Servants of the Money, this old clique-style leadership must go. They brought the planet where it is now: wars, this war, dramatic climate change, so much poverty and so much obscene wealth, people still dying of hunger and lack of decent lives all over the planet. Politics (read: all industries’ mafias = each big industry is a mafia) are like the diesel: toxic, outdated, horribly expensive, lethal. They must go. Their greed for money is drowning the world. They lead the planet where it is: on the brink of catastrophe on so many levels. They failed and are a failure. The results of their acts are visible everywhere right now. Terrorist Putin, the slaughterer, this beast, is their direct result.

They, The Servants of the Money, tolerated and closed their eyes at the USSR, and then Russia = Kremlin, the ghost of USSR. Soviet communism killed tens of millions in Eastern Europe and worldwide, but they were never trialled for their crimes in any international court, and worse: their crimes were never really talked about, although they were of greater magnitude than Hitler's and the nazis'. The West was quiet about the soviet communism's crimes. Even more so, the world leaders (= politicians) invited Kremlin to be one of the top leaders of the planet, and do as it pleases, and did business together. The West nurtured the homo sovieticus and now they face the monster they petted grown into the monster that has always been, threatening the whole world. They had their eyes closed until now, when war and slaughter forced their eyes open. Slightly. Too late. Now we reap the harvest of our own leaders' complacency and greed, and lack of moral spine. And “pay with the Ukrainian blood” (as the Lithuanian Foreign Minister said) for their complacency and for all the businesses they have done along the years with the ghost of USSR. They failed, and they must go. People must stop voting for old, corrupt political parties and politicians, they’re all the same. It’s time for the new, and the independent. The problem is, the independents wouldn’t stand a chance to at least run for elections in most of the countries. Their access to leadership is blocked. Not in Ukraina, and we've seen the results. (more here: The Ukrainian miracle and double revelation: the people, and the leaders.)

photo: Poznan (Poland) - A banner depicting Vladimir Putin, mocked as Adolf Hitler, hangs on a tenement house at Freedom Square in Poznan, west-central Poland, 16 March 2022. EFE Jakub Kaczmarczyk. I took the liberty to "doctor" this photo.


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