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  • Lia Vernescu

The Ukrainian miracle and double revelation: the people, and the leaders.

"The Servants of the People", "The Servants of the Money" and Homo Sovieticus.

the Minister of Defence and the President - 4th day of war

In Zelenskyy I have found my hero. For all the reasons he is everybody's hero now, and more...

Zelenskyy is a stumbling rock. Litmus for the lies, revealing the truth. Nobody expected this rock called Zelenskyy. Trump stumbled against him and that's how he got impeached. Terrorist Putin stumbled against him. The West is stumbling against him. And they all don't like it. Because he makes the truth reveal. Terrorist Putin thought he'll take Ukraine in two days, and stumbled. Rock Zelenskyy got stuck in the wheels of terrorist Putin's war machines. The West too stumbled, caught by surprise not by terrorist Putin's invasion of Ukraine (even I was not surprised), but by the unexpected resistance Zelenskyy put up on a national scale. They admired him, declared him a hero, they loved him and praised him and applauded him, but somehow rock Zelenskyy got in their way too. They knew no country could resist the Russian war machine alone, and surely thought Ukraine would fall. Had it been a two days' war with none or minimal bloodshed, the West would have resignedly accepted Ukraine's surrender to the Russians. With a relief. Rock Zelenskyy didn't fall, he stands up even to them now, testing them and challenging them to stand up to their own values (and irritating them); even more so, he reveals details of what usually cannot be revealed to the ordinary people (apart from a three-phrases press release of a three-hours top level meeting). He names things, he names the truth. A truth that is usually kept high-up behind closed doors. Rock Zelenskyy popps the truth out of the lies. Whoever's lies.

Many were amused at the news in 2019 that an actor was elected President of Ukraine, including me. But then I thought: Good! Better a young actor as an independent President, than any politician of the old cliques; better a new honest face of an independent, than one face of the old political carrousel that’s rotating the same faces on and on on the planet. For years I keep saying it’s high time for the new, the independent, the modern, the tech-savvy, the young, the moral and the uncorrupted to rule. If only this miracle could happen in all countries!...

Some years ago I was trying to tell a friend: politics must disappear, they're a huge, obscene waste of money (the money spent on politics worldwide could eradicate poverty on the planet, somebody should do the numbers), they're useless, toxic and obsolete, we need decent brains as leaders, not politicians, we need independents. And how do you exactly rule without them? asked the friend. It cannot work, it's utopia, you're talking nonsense, what do you know about politics, you're a dreamer. At that time, I did not know that I was talking about something that was existing in that moment in Ukraine: Zelenskyy and his independents were the embodiment of my "no to politics&politicians" dream. And it works! Right now, they are changing the world. But they are being slaughtered by terrorist Putin, the embodiment of homo sovieticus, that beast The West petted with complacency and total oblivion of the horrors soviet communism committed in the recent past in Eastern Europe. It is absolutely symbolic what is happening here: the machine of the old planetary order is grinding down the new and the politically free and independent. My friend was tragically right: utopia. And utopia cannot be, cannot be let be, the old planetary order says "no". I can only hope humanity (as in the word humane) will prevail and win. And it will. A new world will begin. Yes, atop a mountain of dead bodies the size of a country (or continent)...

Ukraine was an overlooked miracle anyway, since the '90ies. Only now their miracle became visible, in these tragic circumstances that shake the planet. They had the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-14, the Ukrainian church split from the Russian one, they cast out Putin's puppet Yanukovych (which Putin plans to bring back to Ukraine now) who halted Ukraine's joining Nato process, they elected Yushchenko (poisoned by Putin, but he survived this assasination attempt) and Yulia Timoshenko; even Poroshenko was ok. Excluding Putin's puppet, all their presidents after 1990 were ok and paved the way for the miracle we see today. If I compare them with the Romanian politicians (and many politicians of the old order), the latter will be found badly wanting: they look like pathetic clowns compared to the Ukrainian leaders.

The "people of the old power" are "just doing PR", as Zelenskyy said, they do words, words, words - as we know very well. He promised "to bring professional, decent people to power", and he did it. What a government the Ukrainians have now, read about them and look at them here: Zelenskyy, Reznikov, Shmyhal, Kuleba, the youngest of them - Fedorov, the high-tech wondermaker 31 years old Digital Minister efficiently fighting for his country from his mobile phone mobilising a whole world; and all the members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine - specialists and experts in their domain, not just vacuous politicians. They are the Ukrainian miracle, they and the Ukrainian people that voted for them. They all now fight so bravely and tragically against terrorist Putin. I wish my country had similar young, independent, moral, new and fresh government. No chance!

The world is where it is now as a direct result of the worldwide leadership. "The people of the old power", this old clique-style leadership must go. They brought the planet where it is now: wars, this war, dramatic climate change, so much poverty and so much obscene wealth, people still dying of hunger and lack of decent lives all over the planet. The traditional political parties and all parties embroiled in the old dirty ways of politics (read all industries mafias = each big industry is a mafia) are like the diesel: toxic, outdated, horribly expensive, lethal. They must go. Their greed for money is drowning the world. They lead the planet where it is: on the brink of catastrophe on so many levels. They failed and are a failure. The results of their acts are visible everywhere right now. Terrorist Putin, the slaughterer, this beast, is their direct result.

My big revelation about the Ukrainian people is not only their fierce resistance in the face of terrorist Putin, their tragic bravery defending their country and fighting for their lives, but also their bravery for having voted, in 2019, not for a billionaire businessman, but for this independent president. That was a bravery too. Zelenskyy's party refused to enter a coalition with either of the old main players. They are "an independent party", "independents". Had they had a president and a government of politicians like the stale Romanian ones (hopping parties and alliances by the way the wind of money blows), probably they would have been defeated by terrorist Putin by now. Their independent Servants of the People are young, politically free (centrist - if a label is needed, neither left/right nor other obsolete denominations), modern, intelligent, honest specialists not politicians. This is what the world needs for a long time now (and I am advocating this for many years): out with the politicians, and in with the independents and specialists; out with the stale, pathetic, toxic, greedy, venal, vacuous, obsolete politicians that keep rotating at the helms of countries and the planet. It’s time for them to go. Enough with them!, we’ve seen what they’ve done and where they’ve led us, they are the Servants of the Money, not the Servants of the People.

They, The Servants of the Money, tolerated and closed their eyes at the USSR, and then Russia = Kremlin, the soviet communism. The twin evils of the XX century, nazism and communism, today, they are one. Born in the same time, split later, reunited again today in one person: Putin. USSR communism killed tens of millions in Eastern Europe and worldwide, but they were never trialled for their crimes in any international court, and worse: their crimes were never really talked about, although they were of greater magnitude than Hitler's and the nazis'; The West was quiet about the soviet communism's crimes. They were "allies". Even more so, the world leaders (= politicians) allowed Kremlin to be one of the top leaders of the planet, and do as it pleases, and did business together. The West nurtured the homo sovieticus and now they face the monster they petted grown into the monster that has always been, threatening the whole world. They had their eyes closed until now, when war and slaughter forced their eyes open. Too late. Now we reap the harvest of our own leaders' complacency and greed, and lack of moral spine. And “pay with the Ukrainian blood” (as the Lithuanian Foreign Minister said) for their complacency and for all the businesses they have done along the years with the ghost of USSR. They failed, and they must go. People must stop voting for old, corrupt political parties and politicians, they’re all the same. It’s time for the new, and the independent.

The problem is, the independents wouldn’t stand a chance to at least run for elections in most of the countries. Their access to leadership is blocked by the old corrupt political parties. Not in Ukraine. And I admire the Ukrainian people for having allowed this miracle to happen. What a double lesson! Thank you, Ukraine.

President Bush and the Bush administration wanted to extend Nato to include Ukraine and Georgia, but the establishment said "no". Their "no" is responsible for this war now. Condoleeza Rice should have been president after Bush, she would have been a great president.

At this moment, it's clear that the West is sacrificing Ukraine* (again, like they sacrificed Eastern Europe after WWII) and is not going to stop terrorist Putin. Because they can't, it's too late, it's an impossible situation that could have been avoided, but they did not move a finger in the past, and now it's too late and "complicated". The Russians cannot stop terrorist Putin either: 60% of Russians support terrorist Putin and the war, and the rest of the Russians cannot do anything: Russia has become a sort of North-Korea now, completely cut and isolated from the world by its leader terrorist Putin who is killing anyone of his citizens that dares raise the voice against him (that's another topic). Therefore, apart from the Ukrainians themselves (but Putin will never set foot for real and in person in Ukraine), it's only God left to do something and rid the planet of its destroyer. I tried to pray to God: God, I implore you do a miracle, because only your miracle could stop terrorist Putin! But I was only “praying”: please, somebody poison Putin’s tea! Or at least shit in it.

The history repeating. Have a cup of tea! Some more sanctions anyone?

*8 March 2022: my feeling that NATO will not intervene in this war and does not want Ukraine to join NATO has been confirmed: Zelenskyy said it in an ABC News interview here.

Since the first days of war, I wrote to a friend:

Had Ukraine had been a Nato member, this war would not have taken place now, Putin would have not invaded, and so many deaths and slaughters could have been avoided. And now, the West is deluding itself that the war can be avoided. Terrorist Putin said it clear: all his demands and orders fulfilled, or war. Lavrov’s 3rd March speech made it clear that terrorist Putin wants Europe. They are preparing the Russian people for a war in Europe, past the Nato border. The same way he “liberates” Ukraina now, the same way he wants to “liberate” Europe - that’s Putin’s clear message in Lavrov’s speech of 3rd March. Eastern European countries weres broken and invaded by Russian armies, not only once, under the same pathetic Russian-style lie: “liberation”. Putin (through Lavrov) speaks North-Korean rhetoric: “US is the evil”, “US is subjugating”. After the disaster of communism (that killed tens of millions in Eastern Europe and worldwide, I keep repeating this), another evil treads the world again from Russia: Putin.

The 2014 annexation of Crimeea was the 12th hour moment to act and extend Nato to Ukraine and Moldova. But it was not done. Apart from some feeble sanctions, nobody worried openly. That was the turning point. The West slumbered in complacency and Russian business profit. Even now, the West still thinks that a terrorist, a dictator, a cold blood murderer can reason, or negotiate, or comply to honest rules. They are deluding themselves. For Putin, negotiations are only a farce, so that nobody can say he didn’t negotiate. The same for the ceasefires – he agrees, but he continues to slaughter. His mind was set a long time ago to invade and do war, and he will not stop. Putin shells near a nuclear plant, and the world leaders are only “shocked” but do nothing concrete to stop him. Putin will not stop. He must be stopped. I can’t stop him, but the world leaders can. The West says Ukrainian skies cannot be closed; at least supply aircrafts to Ukraina, they can’t fight and win without aircrafts. What Ucrainians desperately need NOW is weapons, concrete help on the ground in Ukraine, not gestures in Russia; sanctions too, yes, but they take time, and there is no more time for the Ukrainians, they need concrete help NOW; from day one they needed shoulder-launched missiles, surface-to-air missiles, manpads - the war would have been stopped by now. I don't know if they have them, I would be shocked if nobody supplied those not even now. The Ukrainians were sometimes fighting with bare hands. I can imagine the West: "Cup of tea anyone?" The West supplied those weapons to the talibans and in Lybia and Syria without hesitation - but they seem reluctant to supply them now to Ukraine, a European country. The slaughter done so far could have been avoided, with the West's help. But no. Words, words, words. "Aviation safety analysts fear that, amid the chaos of war, these could end up in the hands of organised criminal gangs." They didn't think about that in the past, and they compare Ukraina to Lybia now, and hesitate. Mindblowing! Better let civilians be slaughtered, than give efficient, immediate help. Towns are being razed, and Biden pompously announces "ban on Russian diamonds and vodka"! Ukrainians are being bombed, slaughtered, running or dying, and the West is "Oh, cup of tea? Some more sanctions anyone?"

I hope it's not history repeating again, not another "sacrifice" to the ghost of USSR. The maps were probably drawn already many years ago (that's why Zelenskyy is the stumbling rock even for the West). USA is watching this war: “Ukraine will win its war”, says a US official. Its war = clear demarcation. And an MP visiting a Ukrainian church in USA tells a Ukrainian child: “The good will win”. Yes, the good will win - atop a mountain of dead bodies the size of a country (or continent)... It is mindblowing that in the 21st century world one evil individual kills and slaughters and destroys a country and threatens the planet and does what he wants - unhindered and free. As if democracy and the West do not exist... I hope soon I will withdraw these words.

9 March, I came upon these statements:

  • Servant of the People Party: "The alliance [Nato] is not ready to accept Ukraine for at least the next 15 years, and it clearly says so. We do not even have support in a completely just war from the alliance - only from individual states."

  • Zelenskyy: “Who is ready to fight with us? Honestly, I don’t see anyone.” “I’m asking them, are you with us? They say they are with us but they are not ready to take us in the [Nato] military alliance. All of them are afraid.”

  • Rodbyanksy: "What else needs to happen for the West to realise this is a conflict that they will be engaged in more directly anyway." "You will have to confront this regime one way or another." Rodbyanksy adds that the sooner the West realises this, the better and less costly it is going to be. He says he is watching the countless lives being lost in his country and wonders "why the West is sitting back". (Sky News)

This is a BBC map, published 9 March:

I’ve noticed on the map above that an arm of the Russian army in the South of Ukraine is heading straight towards a nuclear power plant inscribed “South Ukraine”. It is clear that terrorist Putin wants to take the nuclear power plants: on the first day of war he took Chernobyl, one of his first targets; then he took Zaporizhzhia, now the straight line on the map is showing his next target: another nuclear power plant. It is really worrying. He does not head towards the nuclear power plants close to Belarus, his detested friend, obviously...

Had Hitler had a nuclear weapon (bomb or just a nuclear plant, etc.), would he have used it as a final revenge on the world for losing the war, instead of committing suicide? I think yes. If Putin starts losing the war (losing the war, he loses everything), he'll not commit suicide like Hitler, not even genocide, but “worldocide”. Along the lines of any terrorist: I die, the world dies with me...


11 March: the mayor of Melitopol abducted by the Russians. They needed a proof for their shameless and typically soviet lie (the biological weapon false flag), and now they're going to fabricate it: torture the mayor into "admitting", and parade this as a "proof".

"This is not war any more. It is Russia against humanity." (Dmytro Gurin, a Ukrainian MP, in Mariupol). And US's biggest act so far was to ban Russian diamonds and vodka! Wow! The Ukrainians under Russian slaughter can sigh in relief... On the day the war started, Biden showed his face at 6 in the evening to finally say something. The dice were cast before the invasion. Ukrainian resistance is a pain not only in Putin's arse, but in some American arses too.


16 March: Shocking. Now the West blames Zelenskyy for Ucraina not in Nato. Either they are as disgusting in lying as Putin, or Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer know nothing about Nato, they did not even bother do a 5 minutes Google research about Nato-Ukraina history before opening their mouths to declare such things:

  • Boris Johnson says there is "no way Ukraine is going to join Nato anytime soon" but stresses the decision has to be for the country's president to take. (?!)

  • Keir Starmer [....] added that President Volodymyr Zelensky had been "leading from the front in a really courageous way" in Ukraine and said it was a matter for him whether his country decided not to join Nato. (?!)

Zelenskyy decided not to join Nato?! What the hell are Johnson and Starmer talking about? They read history, or just tabloids?


  • "After President Zelensky's impassioned speech finished a few of the US networks offered an apology on air for giving no warning of the graphic and heart wrenching video he showed of Ukraine before and after. But this is his blunt way of letting lawmakers as well the American public know without any filters: our country was once thriving and peaceful, just like yours, and now it's destroyed."

"his blunt way"? Zelenskyy is not blunt. The reality is blunt. That is the reality. That is the reality Ukrainians live in. Shall we all cover eyes, put the lid on our little happy jar, and not see, not want to see?

  • "Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO's health emergencies programme, says "unacceptable" attacks on healthcare are "becoming part of the strategy and tactics of war".

What war? This is not "tactics of war" this is tactics of terrorism.

  • "As well as the Ukrainian hospitals, the WHO has verified attacks in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan and Syria."

The terrorists have bombed hospitals in these countries. Putin does the same in Ukraina. He is a terrorist. He does terrorism. From the early days of "war" I called Putin a terrorist, it was obvious. Bombing hospitals, theatres, civilians, houses, blocks of flats, innocent people. This is not "tactics of war". This is terrorism. Putin is a terrorist. This was Zelenskyy's message in the US Congress today: "we live in a continuous 9/11 for three weeks". They applauded his speech, and shed a tear, but refused to get the message. What he meant is: this is a 9/11. Who did the 9/11? The terrorists. Who is doing 9/11 in Ukraina? Putin. Then Putin is a terrorist. He is no president. Declare him a terrorist, and do what you have to do to stop a terrorist that's killing a country. But the US and the West did not want to "hear" Zelenskyy's message. They don't want to name Putin for what he is: a terrorist. A while ago they said Putin was doing nuclear terrorism. Then what is Putin? A terrorist. But they don't want to name him by his name: terrorist Putin. Why?


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